Saturday, February 2, 2008

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Piaster 004

Often writers look inward to their detriment. Use one of the topics given to broaden the perspective of the character(s) in your poem. Last week's piaster challenged you with writing similes. The exercise created some great figurative phrases. In the current exercise, add depth to your poem by again using simile. Your poem should make a commentary on culture, world affairs or humanity in general. Try to illustrate conflict and conclude with resolution on some level. The resolution does not mean you solve the issue, but the work must draw a conclusion about your topic. Try to avoid generic phrases, images and sound bites. Your title must be used at least once in the body of the poem. Minimum two strophes. No line length restriction. As always tell a story, make sure your poem has a beginning middle and end.

Please leave a link. We’d also like permission to repost your draft here in a central location where all participants and readers can get an overall sense of what this piaster inspired. If you prefer not to have your draft here, publicly decline when you post your link. Each draft will have its own page for comments, and we will link to your individual blogs encouraging readers to read more of your work.


susan said...

Just a suggestion: Don't feel rushed to post. We purposely don't put deadlines on the piasters.

This isn't a race and we're not assembly line workers cranking out product on demand.

Mariacristina said...

This is a challenge - thanks! I won't rush. for the last one I got so drawn in that I found myself writing it at midnight! This time I'll give it more thought.

Feel free to post whatever I come up with, if it serves.

SA said...

Count me in, I have an idea using the conflict of science and morality.

...deb said...

Nice propomt. It will take me a while, but this is a worthwhile exercise. Thanks!

deathsweep said...

Obviously these feelings are in the forefront of my life at the moment.

"Science, medicine, ethics"

susan said...

After some contemplation, I have tinkered with a piece I wrote at the onset of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.
You can view Homeland Security here.

SA said...

Ok I have come up with something, I was thinking about loves one missed and this fought its way to the surface.


Christy said...

a little something i wrote rushing

Noah said...

Environmental friend

deathsweep said...

Let's see if this re-write makes a bit more sense

"Science, medicine, ethics - re-write"

Mariacristina said...

Susan, I'm posting a link to my poem, but it's password protected. If you want the password, I'll email it to you, and anyone else who's working on piaster #004. It's a work in progress, and kind of personal, so I'd like to keep it private. I changed it a lot since the version I posted for 003.

Summer of 1973